Sunday, August 9, 2020
Why Customization?

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) 2.0 and Retail Management Hero (RMH) make great, general purpose point of sale applications. The thing that makes them shine is their ability to be customized.
It would be next to impossible to create a POS software that would be all things to all people, and if it were possible it would be expensive and complicated to use.  Because of their general nature and flexibility, Microsoft RMS and RMH make a perfect foundation to build a custom-tailored solution.

Many small businesses think that custom development is out of their league, but it isn't anymore. Our rates are very reasonable and some of our customizations have helped our customers realize a return on their investment in as little as 6 months! We think our ability to customize POS and RMS is one of the biggest reasons to work with RITE. We're one of just a few companies anywhere with the ability to effectively mold this software to meet your company's specific needs.

Is Customization Right for You?

RITE Custom Development Process

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

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