Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Benefits of the Microsoft RMS Maintenance Plan

Microsoft Dynamics RMS has an optional yearly maintenance plan that you can purchase that gives you a few great benefits.  This document explains what some of the benefits and terms of the Microsoft Maintenance Plan for RMS are.

1)  Access to new versions of software at no charge

When you purchase Microsoft Maintenance you'll get access to the latest versions of the software.  That includes MAJOR new releases.  Next Generation RMS is due to be released within the next year so this ensures you'll get access to this new version without having to re-buy your licenses.

When you renew your maintenance we'll send you a link to a location where you can download the licenses along with instructions on how to install them.  An important note: if you'd like us to help you apply the updates by remoting into your system (and most people do) we're happy to help but the time it takes for us to do that is not included in the maintenance renewal price.  The time we spend would come out of your support package or be billable if you do not have a support package.

2)  PCI Compliance Benefits

In order to be PCI Compliant one of the many things you need to do is keep your POS software up to date - a max of 6 months from the latest version.  Out of the many requirements of PCI compliance this is one of the most important in our opinion.  To learn more about PCI compliance you can read about it by clicking here.

3)  Support from Incidents from Microsoft

The majority of our customers come to us for service but the maintenance renewal does come with 5 support incidents from Microsoft.  You can go online to CustomerSource and create a new support incident and request Microsoft's assistance with an issue.  This service is pretty "hands off" meaning they typically will not remote into our computer to resolve a problem or provide training, instead they typically provide written instructions and provide you with a solution you need to execute on yourself.

These incidents can also come in handy for us as occasionally there are issues with the system (a bug for example) where we can't resolve it on our own and require Microsoft's assistance.  For customers that are not on Maintenance we're unable to do this.

4)  Replacement License Keys

If one of your computers goes bad and needs to be replaced you need the license keys in order to reinstall the software.  For any customer that purchased the software from us (within the last 4 years at least), we maintain a record of these keys for our customers.

We often times work with clients that did not originally purchase the software from us and in that case they may or may not have the original license keys.

If you need replacement keys Microsoft will provide ONE SET of replacement keys to a customer that is on maintenance.  For customers not on maintenance, they have to repurchase the software to get license keys!

5)  Access to Microsoft CustomerSource

Microsoft CustomerSource is a website you gain access to that's a great resource for RMS users.  It contains:

-Training videos

-User forums where you can interact with other RMS users

-A reports library where you can download over 50 custom reports for free.  There are also custom receipt templates, etc.

-Access to a searchable knowledge base where you can find articles on how to fix problems, user guides, helpful tips, etc. 

Q: What happens if I don't renew my maintenance?

Nothing other than you don't gain access to the things mentioned above.  You can still use your software and we'll still be happy to support you.  Operating your business is serious stuff so things like PCI Compliance are not to be taken lightly so we definitely recommend it but it's not required.

Q: Can I renew later if I want?

Yes, you can but there's no free lunch.  You'll not only have to back pay for any of the time you missed (up to 3 years worth) AND you'll also have to pay a penalty - it works out to roughly 6%

We hope this article is helpful for you in terms of making an educated decision on renewing your yearly Microsoft Maintenance Plan.  Thanks for reading!

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