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Credit Card Malware Detection for POS Systems
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5/25/2015 UPDATE

New vulnerabilities keep coming as expected.  While most large retailers have their act together the vast majority of small and mid-sized retailers are still extremely susceptible.  The frequency of attacks doesn't appear to be lessening, it's just less interesting to the media and not as many big names are getting hacked.

To help head off some of the newest exploits that we're aware of we've released an update.  Click here to download version 0.006.  In this version we've built in detection for common threads of CARBANAK (ANUNAK), RawPOS, and WNHELP.exe.  These vulnerabilities were reported to us by the Visa Data Security Communication Bulletin.

9/25/2014 UPDATE

With the Jimmy Johns hack announced today, obviously the situation hasn't gotten any less serious!  Today we're releasing an updated version of this tool that:

1)  Can start-up with your computer and run on every boot
2)  Adds detection for additional vulnerabilities that Visa has made us aware of like the Chewbacca malware and the Backoff malware iterations that we're aware of (same stuff that got Home Depot and Target!).

No strings attached - 100% free!  Download version 0.004 by clicking here.


Unless you've been living under a rock you've probably heard about the myriad of retailers that have been hacked in the last few months.  MILLIONS of credit card records have been stolen as a result – the effects on the customer are miserable and the impact on the retailer can be devastating (loss of business, fines, litigation, etc etc etc!).

While it might be easy to look at the examples and say “it can't happen to me – hackers are only interested in the big guys” that actually couldn't be further from the truth .  In our opinion small retailers are more vulnerable and possibly more interesting to hackers than the big guys.  We have experienced a dramatic increase in what appear to be hack attempts on our clients.  It's gone from an almost unheard of event to something we hear about more and more.

As part of our ongoing effort to educate and protect our clients and retailers in general we've build an app that checks for what we've found are them most common exploits for credit card hacking attempts.  This tool will most likely be useful for not only Microsoft RMS but also many many other POS systems out there are well as many of them share a similar method of processing credit cards.  Since the application doesn't actually make any changes to your system – it only scans the computer for problems so it basically can't hurt to run it.

You can download and run by clicking here.

It fast, easy and it's free to use – we hate that this is happening to people and we want to help.  Feel free to spread the word.  If you'd like to know when and if we create any updated versions please subscribe to our news letter by clicking here.

To use the app simply load it onto whatever machine you want to test and tell it run – it will report back if it found any issues or potential issues.  The app does NOT automatically fix problems if it finds them.  If there's a potential vulnerability that's when you need to bring in your trusted technology expert to review things.  At this time (though it's something we're considering for future versions), it does not run on any kind of automatic schedule – it only scans when you manually run the app.

We hope it helps!

NOTICE:  This application is NOT a replacement for virus or malware scanning software or any other security service.  It absolutely will NOT detect or prevent all types of potential credit card malware.  This is only a simple tool that serves a simple purpose – something we can give away for free that might be helpful.  RITE will not be held responsible - use as your own risk and with common sense please.
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