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Features of RMS Store Operations Offline Mode
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Using Store Operations, clients have the unique ability to continue using the Point of Sale program even when the network, or perhaps a specific register's network connection, is unavailable. When a POS station is operating in Terminal Offline Mode, a limited set of features are available to the Cashier. This article describes which features are enabled and which are disabled.

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Below is a list of features that are enabled while a POS station is operating in Terminal Offline Mode. This feature was designed for cases where in-house registers lose contact for a short or long period of time with the network server, allowing the registers to maintain the ability to sell products.

Note: If you require help with any of the features listed below; consult Online Help (F1) or the Microsoft Business Solutions TechKnowledge database.

Enabled Features:

  • Regular Sales Transactions (with or without Customer selection)
  • View or Print Journals (F4) created while in Terminal Offline Mode
  • Recall a transaction for Void or Return (F11) that was created while in Terminal Offline Mode
  • Perform a Return transaction (CTRL+F4)
  • Put a transaction On Hold (CTRL+F12)
  • Add Shipping to a transaction (SHIFT+F1)
  • Perform a discount (SHIFT+F3)
  • Assign Sales Reps (SHIFT+F8)
  • Track and use Gift Cards/Certificates that were sold while in Terminal Offline Mode

The most important feature of the Point of Sale is to be able to process normal sales transactions that are still allowed while in Terminal Offline Mode. However, certain restrictions are enforced when a POS station begins operating in Terminal Offline Mode. There is not a method for enabling these features.

Disabled Features:

  • Cannot Create Special Transactions: Work Orders, Layaways, Quotes, Back Orders
  • Cannot Recall (F11) Special Transactions: Work Orders, Layaways, Quotes, Back Orders
  • Cannot Recall a transaction for Void or Return (F11) that was originally created while Online
  • Cannot tender transactions to an "Account" Tender Type
  • Cannot redeem Gift Cards/Vouchers that were sold while Online
  • Cannot view Journals (F4) from transactions that were entered in online mode
  • Cannot perform any Drawer functions (F5), including a X or Z Reports
  • The Calendar (F6) is not available
  • 'No Sale' transactions (F8) are not available
  • Drops/Payouts (F10) are not available
  • Messages (SHIFT+F2) are not available
  • Account Receivable Payments (SHIFT+F4) are not available
  • Cannot create new Customers (SHIFT+F7)
  • Cannot use the Time Clock (CTRL+SHIFT+F4)
  • Cannot edit or track shipping records (CTRL+SHIFT+F8 and CTRL+SHIFT+F9)

Note: Store Operations Manager is not accessible while a computer is in Terminal Offline Mode. Only the POS program can be accessed.

Note: For proper synchronization to occur, at least of the following conditions should be true:

  • The logged on Windows user is a member of the \Adminstrators group
  • The logged on Windwos user must have full access to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Retail Management System\Store Operations registry key

To allow RMS Terminal Offline Mode to function correctly when you run POS from a nonadministrator Windows user account, follow these steps:

1. While you are logged on to Windows under an administrator account, open the registry editor. To do this, click Start, click Run, type REGEDIT, and then click OK.
2. Locate and then right-click the following registry subkey:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Retail Management System\Store Operations\POSUser
3. Click Permissions, and then click Advanced.
4. Locate or create the permissions entry or entries that apply to the nonadministrator account or accounts that will run POS in offline mode, click the entry, and then click Edit.
5. Under the Allow column for this user, click to select the Full Control checkbox.
6. In the dialog boxes, click OK to apply the settings.
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