Wednesday, June 19, 2019
How To: Create a Back-dated 401 Worksheet


In a RMS Headquarters environment there are times with Data Uploads (Worksheet 401) fail and sales data may not be properly uploaded.  You can scheduled a Worksheet 401 manually and set it to go back in time and re-transmit the information.  This is done in a safe manner so you don't have to worry about duplicates.


  1. Open RMS Headquarters.
  2. In the application menu click on Worksheets -> Style 401: Request Data Upload.
  3. Select the store(s) that you want to upload sales data from.
  4. Press Next button.
  5. Enter a meaningful Title for the Worksheet and set the Effective date/time to the date/time you want the Worksheet to become effective and be processed.
  6. Press Next button.
  7. Press Finish button.
  8. The Worksheet Properties form will be displayed.  Within it:
    1. Set the From date/time to be the earliest date/time you want to uploading sales data from.
    2. Add any Notes you may want captured with the Worksheet.
    3. Press the Approve button.
  9. The next time the store's HQ Client connects (after the Effective date/time) the Worksheet will be processed and the sales data uploaded.
NOTE: Depending on the amount of data to upload these Worksheets may take a while to process.  You want to think about setting the Effective date/time during off-peak hours.

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