Wednesday, June 19, 2019
How to apply updates to Microsoft RMS
On a routine basis you will need to update your RMS installation - this page provides some suggestions on the best ways to accomplish that.


  • Make sure to have all update files that you need downloaded.  Do this well in advance.  To find out what version of RMS you're running go into Store Operations Manager > Help > About.  There you will see a version number that will help you determine which updates you need.  See the "PERFORMING THE UPDATE" section of this document for more information.
  • To get a link to download RMS updates please send an email to with the email subject "Request for download - RMS Updates"
  • Make sure you either have your RMS installation CDs or that is also something that you have downloaded and ready to go.  On occasion the system will ask for those files when doing an upgrade.
  • Settle all credit card transactions
  • BACKUP YOUR DATABASE!  Make sure to do this after you settled credit cards.
  • Make sure you know your "SA" password for your database.  This is NOT the same password you use to login to RMS.
  • Make sure you have plenty of time set aside to perform the upgrade.  You CANNOT be open for business while performing the update.  Please close out of RMS on all computers on your network.
  • Once you start the update you must apply the updates to all computers.  If you have multiple stores, all stores must be updated before they can reconnect via HQ Client and HQ Server.  We strongly recommend that you disable HQ Server until the update is 100% finished to ensure stores don't accidentally connect during the update process.
  • RITE applies updates for the majority of customers but if you're going to perform the updates yourself please email us and let us know when you'll be doing it so that we can be aware and available in case you have questions or run into problems.  RITE has someone on call 24/7.  If you'd like to have RITE apply the updates for you please reach out to


You must apply the updates in order from oldest to newest.  If you are starting from version 2.0.0105 (base version 2.0 of RMS) then you would apply these updates in this order:

Feature Pack 1  (2.0.0150)
Service Pack 4  (2.0.0155)
Feature Pack 2  (2.0.1000)
Then any additional hotfixes - as of 7/1/2013 2.0.1006 is the latest version.  When applying hotfixes after Feature Pack 2 you only need to apply the latest one.

SO, if you are running version 2.0.0125 for example, you could skip service pack 2 and apply everything below that in the order listed above.

Double click and follow the steps on the installer for each of the updates you need to apply.  It should be as simple as clicking NEXT a few times each.

Apply the updates to a SINGLE machine first.  Once that's done you will upgrade the database.


On the single machine you updated go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Dynamics RMS > Store Operations Administrator to open that program.  Once opened go to File > Connect and enter your SA password and then hit OK.

Go to the Database menu option > Upgrade.  A form will appear where you can click OK to upgrade your database.


Now that you've applied the updates to the SINGLE machine it's time to test.  Open store operations POS and do a test transaction, Z out the till, run a 1 cent credit card, open Store Operations Manager and view your product list etc.

Go through various test scenarios to make sure everything is working well.  If you're using any RMS add-ins test them as well.  Once you feel comfortable proceed with the update on the rest of the machines.  Once you've applied the updates on all machines you're done!

We hope this guide has been helpful, thanks for reading.

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