Wednesday, June 19, 2019
How to delete history from Microsoft RMS
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To remove all history from the Microsoft RMS Database;

1)  Go to the Start menu > All Programs > Microsoft Dynamics RMS > Store Operations Administrator

2)  Once Administrator is open go to the File menu option > Connect.  Enter your password and hit OK.  Once you do this you will see in the bottom bar of the application that you are connected to your database server.  The only thing you should need to input on the Connect screen is a password - all other information should default properly based on your RMS system.

3)  Go to the Database menu > choose the Delete transaction option and also the Delete audit log options.  This will clear all transaction history out of your system.

It will remove sales transactions, purchase orders, time clock entries - activities like this will be removed.  No items, suppliers, cashiers - and records like this will be removed - these will all remain intact.

OPTIONAL:  If you want to also reset all of your quantity on hands for products back to zero then also execute these steps;

4)  Go to Query > New - then paste the following SQL script into this window;

SET Quantity = 0

Once you pasted this in hit the green play button at the top of the screen.  You should get a message back that says Query executed successfully: X records(s) affected.

You're done - all of the sales history should be removed from your RMS system.

NOTE: Preforming these functions is very unforgiving - if you do this action accidentally there is no getting your data back so use this function at your own risk!  As always, backup the database before hand.
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