Wednesday, June 19, 2019
How to set a price level to be a % off retail price

You can use Microsoft RMS to set a price level to be a percentage off retail price (or you can use many other methods as well to define how the price level should be calculated) by following these steps.

1)  Open Microsoft RMS Store Operations Manager

2)  Go to the Wizards menu option > Inventory Wizard..

3)  Once the wizard appears click NEXT then leave the option "Task 110: Change Item Prices" selected and click NEXT again.

NOTE: If you click on the drop down menu there is quite a few other options that you may find interesting.

4)  You should now be seeing this screen;

Here you will choose the group of products you want to update your price level on.  In the drop down that says "Select items to update" notice that you can not only pick a specific department but also categories, products from a given supplier, or use a filter.  Using a filter gives you the most flexibility but is also the most sophisticated to use.

For the sake of this example we'll check a few departments and click NEXT.

5)  Now you should be seeing this screen;

In this example I've chosen to set Price Level A = 5% below retail however you could also use this to set your other price levels and/or setup sale pricing.  You could discount from regular price or set profit margins, etc.  You have A LOT of flexibility here.

Once you've set your calculation the way you want hit NEXT.

6)  After this screen you will set price rounding.  You can use this screen to have the system round the new prices to the nearest 99 cents for example.  In most cases you can skip this step and hit NEXT.

7)  After this you will click Finish.  Please note:  By clicking finish the system will NOT update your prices yet.  This will not happen until the next screen.

8)  This is the last screen where you can preview the changes the system is going to make prior to them actually taking effect.

At this point you can add/remove items - you can modify the suggested prices, etc.  Once you're ready you can hit "Commit" - this is when the system will go through and update all pricing.  If you decide you don't want to preform the update you can cancel with no harmful effects.

Another important note is that if you update your retail price OR create new products, their price level A would not be automatically set to 5% off the retail price.  If you want to update Price Level A (as per this example), you would need to run this wizard periodically to do that.

If you would like Price Level A to ALWAYS be 5% below your retail price (for example) RITE can setup a database trigger that will do this but for us to do this is a paid service that takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the complexity of the rules you have in mind.

Thanks for reading - we hope it helps!

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

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