Wednesday, June 19, 2019
How to create and modify content for Net Display
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Prior to using this walk through you must have your network setup in a very particular way – please see the Net Display Network Setup Document for more details.

1)  Create content

a)  On the desktop of the computer setup to update net display content there will be a file on the desktop called Net Display – open it and then take one of the existing HTML files and right click and choose the option to open it with Microsoft Word.

b)  Once open create the content you would like for the net display.  A few things to remember;

-You will not have the entire screen to show the content on – it’s only about half the screen at the POS so build your content accordingly.
-DO NOT use very large pictures files (large in megabytes) – these may slow down the POS when it’s trying to render them).
-When you’re saving  your files DO NOT use spaces in the file names.

c)  When done creating your content go to File > Save As and then choose the option to save the file as an HTML style file (not a work document) and give the file a new name – do not overwrite a file that’s currently in use.

2)  Setup a new Net Display Channel

a)  To create a Net Display Channel go into Store Operations Manager > Database > Registers > Net Display Channels

b)  Choose the Net Display Channel you’re currently using and hit Copy. 

On the new Net Display Chanel give it a new channel name representing the content (IE “April Content”).  There should be multiple URLs already setup – click inside the URL field on one of the entries and then hit the SPACE BAR to edit the contents.

The path will say something like:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Retail Management System\Store Operations\HTML\AprilContent.html

Leave everything there in tact except for the last part – the actual file name that the entry is pointed to which in this case is “AprilContent.html” – notice there’s no space in the file name as per step 1.  Change this to say whatever the new file is – for example MayContent.html.  It’s important that the .html be at the end of the file name.


-Change the number of seconds you’d like to run for.  FYI – it seems like RMS runs them for about 1.5 times the number of seconds you input for some reason.
-If there’s an ad you no longer need you can delete it from the list
-If you need to add a new entry to the list you can click the “Add” button – go into an existing URL by hitting the space bar, as if you were editing it, and then highlight its contents and right click and copy, then go into the new entry, hit space bar and then right click to paste it in there.  Much easier than trying to type the whole thing out.

After you’ve made all of the content and setup the channel double click the “Push to registers” batch file to have the content moved to all of the registers.

3)  Test the channel

Once you’ve got your new net display channel all setup it’s time to test.  To do this go to RMS Manager > Database > Registers > Register List. 

Double click on the till you’d like to try your new channel out on then click on the Net Display tab.  Click on the magnifying glass button and select your new channel.

Once this is done go out to that register and exit out of the POS and re-enter.  Now you’ll be seeing your new net display channels – make sure everything looks good and modify as needed.

We strongly recommend that you have a cashier use the till for awhile to ensure that the till does not get affected by the content you’ve created.  If pictures are too large or not optimized or a file doesn’t load as quickly as it should you want to make sure you’re aware of it prior to rolling it out to all tills.

Once you’ve tested go into the other registers and tell them to use the new channel as well.

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

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