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PCI Compliance from 50,000 Feet

Published 11/18/2013

PCI Compliance is a set of rules and standards created to protect credit card data.  On a regular basis various types of people attempt to steal this information so that they can use it for purposes of fraud, these groups include “hackers”, employees with bad intent, etc.

These rules apply to things like:

-how your POS software was built (was it designed using security best practices by the software developers)

-the security of your computer networks in the store (is your wireless network wide open for anyone to login for example)

-and your store policies around who can access the parts of your system where card holder data might be available.

The penalties that are incurred if you’re hacked and a bad guy is able to get card holder data are astronomical.  PCI Compliancy is not a law, it’s something enforced by credit card companies themselves and it’s in the fine print of your merchant contracts with them.  If they find you’ve been hacked and believe you were not PCI Compliant when the event occurred they charge a $10,000 penalty per credit card stolen plus fees for the investigation that has to take place.  Since the credit card companies have direct access to your bank accounts, they take it out without even notifying you in advance from what we understand.

For most small businesses, this is enough to put them out of business.  Check out the story of one retailer that was hacked:

RITE is a member of the RSPA

In our opinion, having a POS system that is PCI Compliant is the corner stone of achieving PCI Compliance.  All aspects are important but this is the simplest piece to achieve and is probably the most critical.  As of the date of this document, Microsoft RMS 2.0 FP2 is fully PCI Compliant.

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

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