Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Physical Inventory Tips & Tricks
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Yes.  After you create an inventory and have counted all the products the next step is to hit the “Calculate” button.  On the calculate screen you will see a field called “Expected”, RMS calculates this field by taking the date/time a product was counted (when you added it or updated it on the inventory count this got updated) and rolling back: sales, inventory transfers, purchase orders, and even manual adjustments that have happened in between the date/time counted field and now.

From the main physical inventory screen (prior to the calculate screen) you can right click on the grid > click “Show / hide columns” and you can actually add the date/time counted field to the grid and update it as you please.

I’ve hit “Calculate” and gone back and changed my date/time counted but the expected quantity seems to stick, what do I do?

It seems like after you hit the calculate button, for whatever reason, the form does not recompute the expected quantity even if you change the date/time counted field.

If this happens to you we’ve got a FREE utility that will clear out the computed values and will force RMS to recalculate based on the new date/time.

Can I update the inventory count on two computers at the same time?

DO NOT have the physical inventory count open on more than one machine at a time or while someone is modifying the data with a hand held device. If you save your changes from inside Store Operations Manager it will OVERWRITE whatever was in the physical inventory with what you see on your screen.  This means either you or the other person will lose changes.   Multiple hand helds doing inventory at the same time is fine – just don’t open it on the Manager program at the same time you’re scanning or updating on another machine.

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

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