Wednesday, June 19, 2019
How to remove unwanted batches from the RMS Accounting Export function
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If you have Microsoft RMS integrated with QuickBooks there may be times when you don't want to export a batch (or batches) into the QuickBooks software.  Instead, you'd like to remove batches from the queue of batches waiting to be exported.  If this is your situation here are steps you can follow to do this.

1)  Go to RMS Manager > Journal > Assign GL Accounts - take a screenshot of these settings, specifically the drop down at the bottom of the form labeled "Bills Account".

2)  Go to RMS Manager > File > Configuration > go to the Accounting tab > change the drop down from "QuickBooks 2003 or later" to "QuickBooks File (GL only)".

3)  Go to Journal > Post Closed Batches - post all of the batches that you do NOT want to send into your live QuickBooks database.  When you do so it will generate a file - save it to your desktop.  You need to UNCHECK the entries you DO want to import into QuickBooks (if there are any).

4)  Go back into RMS Manager > File > Configuration > go to the Accounting tab > change the drop down back to "QuickBooks 2003 or later".

5)  Go to RMS Manager > Journal > Assign GL Accounts - the Bills Account will be empty - reset the drop down to whatever it was labeled as before.

6)  Go back to Post Closed Batches - and the list should be empty OR have only the batches you desire to import into QuickBooks.

NOTE:  As always, take backups of both your RMS and Quickbooks database before proceeding and use these steps at your own risk.
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