Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Setting Up the RITE POS Starter App
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The RITE POS Starter is an application designed to resolve three issues Microsoft RMS has;

1)  Spontaneously, a user can log into the POS and the screen appears to be gone - aka Store Operations POS minimized.  If you hit CTRL + F6 to view the screen settings, it shows a left and top position of -32000 by -32000 so the screen is not visible.  This is typically caused by shutting down the computer while the POS is still running.

2)  RMS will hang on startup for no apparent reason.  The user must use task manager to kill the app and then it starts fine.

3)  This one is not an issue with RMS - just something that our clients have sometimes found to create confusion for their users - RMS remembers the last state that the screen was left in and sets those values for the next time the application starts.  These are things like the position of the screen, the default search or sort of the item and customer screens, the menu that the touch screen is on, etc.  While on one hand this is nice and seems logical - our perspective is that most of the time the person configuring the system wants it one way and wants it left that way.  If a cashier changes the touch screen menu the software is on - when the POS starts back up it should be back to the main custom menu - not where they left it.  If a cashier changes the default search checkboxes or the layout of the POS screen - again, it should revert back to the way it was before.

If you'd like a copy of this application the cost is $50 per POS stations - email us as  We hope it helps - thanks!
Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

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