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Card Defender Support Policy

Your monthly Card Defender subscription provides a base level of service, which includes:

  • Any issue that is classified as a "software defect" - see definitions. A technician will spend up to fifteen (15) minutes researching a potential defect.  If they believe that it is a defect they will continue forward; if they do not believe is a defect they will require you to approve that they continue the work with the understanding that if we end up determining that it is not a defect, the work will be billable.  By allowing us to proceed you approve up to one (1) hour of work to be done.  In some cases, additional time may need to be approved (you will only be billed for what is actually used).  If the conclusion is that a defect is responsible for the issue then all time will be non-billable.  See Examples below.
    Examples of reasons why something may not be a defect: lack of training or understanding of the system, working as designed, use of nonsupported hardware / software, hardware malfunction, a browser issue, operating system issue, or networking issue caused by the end user's equipment.
  • Any issue relating to hardware that was purchased from RITE within one (1) year of the date of receipt by the customer (according to shipping records).
  • Simple question & answer type cases which are submitted via email and do not require a phone call or remote access.  Response times are typically one (1) business day for these “non-premium” support requests via email and have a limited interaction of fifteen (15) minutes each with a total time cap in any given month of one (1) hour.
  • If using Cloud Retailer credit card processing – any issue revolving around credit card processing is covered.  If using a 3rd party, then any service rendered relating to credit cards would be considered a premium service.
  • Access to video training
  • Free VAR / parameter change (when switching to RITE preferred processors)


The following is a partial list of services we provide in relation to the Card Defender application and whether or not they in the scope of the monthly service fees or if they are out of scope.  This is not a complete list, and the final decision will be at the discretion of RITE management.

  • Application Errors
  • Transaction / Batch Verifications (unsure if a payment or settlement went through)
  • Batch Settlement Errors
  • Chargeback assistance - for helping provide required info to challenge chargebacks
  • Time to troubleshoot, RMA, or re-configure equipment with defects within the one (1) year warranty (shipping & handling or encryption fees may be additional)
  • Confirming availability of processor mandated security requirements (i.e. TLS 1.2 or SHA-2 encryption)
  • Processing errors caused by issues outside of Card Defender's control (these may include, but not be limited to Internet outages, firewalls, anti-virus software, internal networking issues, computer problems, or processor-specific outages)
  • Problems with installing / configuring the software resulting from Computer or POS issues (including Windows components such as Microsoft .Net)
  • Lack of training / understanding of the system
  • Time spent troubleshooting, processing or configuring hardware outside of the one (1) year warranty period
  • Voluntary terminal configuration changes / updates (unless required by a CC Processor, PCI or another regulation)
  • Moving Card Defender to a new machine (or re-installing on an existing machine).  This would be subject to our Card Defender install fee
  • POS Server crash / recovering of data 
  • Computer viruses / malware interfering with Card Defender's ability to work
  • Any other issue that may affect Card Defender but the source of the issue is not directly a problem with the Card Defender application and is instead a problem that is fundamentally caused by a different technology issue.

  • Database performance issues where it's slowing down payment processing are a good example.

  • Additionally, if there an error message that appears through the payment application but the real reason is some other cause - resolving these issues is billable as well.  Your database becoming full and reaching SQL express' size limit is a good example.


Premium services are defined as any services provided outside of the scope of our base services.  These include (but are not limited to):
  • A direct and semi-dedicated technical contact at RITE – your tech agent will know your business and you’ll know them.
  • During business hours phone and remote access support to assist with any technology issue regardless if it’s directly related to Cloud Retailer or not.  That means things like virus removal, application installation, data recovery, general computer problems, etc.
  • Installation, implementation, administration, and customization of the Cloud Retailer system.
  • One-on-one training (outside of initial go-live and video training)
  • Access to our 24 / 7 / 365 emergency support team (support time consumed at 1.5X the normal billable rate)
  • If any "IT guy/gal" could fix the problem then it would be considered a premium service.  With our premium services we’re happy to act as your outsourced IT staff or an extension of your existing IT staff – we’re up for almost any task.
Typically, premium services are NOT provided with Care Defender proposals.  Premium services bear an additional cost and are also subject to a "terms of service" agreement, please speak to your sales representative for details or email


SOFTWARE DEFECT - A defect is an error in coding or logic that causes a program to malfunction or to produce incorrect / unexpected results.  A defect is NOT a situation where the end user believes that the software should work a different way than it does or that it could potentially work better than it does.  If the application is working as designed, even though the design is not perfect, then it is not a technical "defect".

EMERGENCIES - An emergency is defined by the inability to process credit cards or settle a batch unless the source of the issue is your connection to the Internet or within your internal network.  During office hours, emergencies are giving priority for a callback.  During after-hours support, charges may apply for non-emergency work.  When leaving a message after hours, you will be prompted for your consent to pay charges if work is not considered an emergency or is out of scope work.
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