Sunday, February 23, 2020
How to apply updates to Card Defender

If you are a single store

While it is not technically a requirement we strongly recommend that you apply updates to Card Defender outside of business hours to ensure that it does not disrupt your ability to process credit cards while in operation.

As with an update to any system, prior to beginning please backup your RMS database.  You need to apply the update at EACH POS station running Card Defender.

1)  Download the update software using the link provided onto each POS

 2)  Make sure you are logged in as an administrator on the PC, make sure RMS is closed, and then run the installer.

If you are not sure if you're logged in as an administrator, try running the installer and if it errors, then you probably are not.  If you need assistance contact RITE's support team at

3)  Once the installer is completed run a 1 cent test transaction and settle the batch.  Do this test on each POS station.

If you have multiple stores

Prior to updating any store, you will need to run a SQL script to update the database structure at HQ.  If you do not, 401 worksheets will begin to fail until you do so.  This relates to a few new database fields being added to the database for the enhanced functionality in the new version.

Click here to download the SQL script.

Once the script has been run follow the single store instructions at each location.

As an additional testing step at each location run a 401 worksheet after installation and confirm it runs properly.

Updating your receipt template

If your receipt template does not contain this data (see the screenshot of a part of a receipt below) email to setup a time and we'll update your receipt template free of charge.

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

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