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Importing Exising Gift Cards Into RITE Gift


This document outlines the basic process of importing external gift cards into RITE Gift.

NOTE: You will be making changes to your database using tools provided by Microsoft SQL Server.  Anytime the database is being modified outside of RMS, precaution should be used and a backup of the database should be made before any work is performed.  RITE is not liable for any losses or damages caused by following the instructions in this document.

Getting Started

To import gift cards with the steps outlined in this document, you will need the following:

  • Microsoft SQL Management Studio, or Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager
  • Login Credentials (username/password) to a database where RITE Gift should hold its card data
  • A Comma Separated Value (CSV) list of gift card numbers and balances to be imported

Import File

This import process takes a file provided by your previous gift card provider (or yourself) that is in the following specified format, and creates gift card entries that can be used by the RITE Gift system.

The file must be in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format, which is accomplished by keeping columns of information separated by the comma (,) character, and keeping each row (or record) separated by a new line character (pressing Enter on the keyboard).  This file is then saved with either a .txt or .csv extention.  The column format for the file is as follows:

  1. Gift Card Number – Alpha-numeric number for a given gift card between 4 and 20 characters
  2. Balance – The balance of the card to be imported by RITE Gift
  3. Status – This number should always be -1 for an import, and will be updated by a SQL script at the end of the import process

NOTE: The file to be imported is not limited to a CSV file.  The number of columns, column orders, and file types are limited by the capabilities of the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard.  The full extent of which is beyond the scope of this document.  For more information, see SQL Server Books Online at

Import Procedure

  1. Open Microsoft SQL Management Studio
  2. Connect to the RITE Gift database
  3. Open up the Databases node in Object Explorer
  4. Right-click on the database that holds the RITE Gift information, choose Tasks -> Import Data
    This will open the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard
  5. Press Next
  6. In Data Source, choose Flat File Source
  7. Click the Browse button, and select the location of the file you wish to import
  8. Set the Format options (this is only required when using a file in a format that is different that described in the Import File section), then click Next (you may need to press Next twice)
  9. In the Choose a Destination step, select SQL Native Client as the Destination, then enter the Server Name, Username/Password and the Database name
  10. Press Next
  11. In the Select Source Tables and View step, click on the entry under Destination
  12. Drop down the list and select RITE_GiftCards
  13. Click the Edit Mappings… button
  14. Now match up the Source column to the Destination column, ensuring the proper values get put into CardNumber, Balance and Status in the RITE Gift database.
    If the import file matches the format described in the Import File section of this document, then Column 0 should map to CardNumber, Column 1 to Balance, and Column 2 to Status.
  15. Press Ok
  16. Press Next
  17. In the Save and Execute Package step, ensure Execute immediately is checked and Save SSIS Package is not
  18. Press Next
  19. Press Finish
    This will import the files into the database.
  20. Press Close to the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard
  21. Right-click on the database that holds the RITE Gift information, choose New Query
  22. Paste in the contents of the RITE Gift Import.sql file included with the RITE Gift document which can be downloaded here.
  23. Press the F5 key on the keyboard to execute the script

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