Friday, July 10, 2020
Is RITE Gift Compatible with RMS 2.0 Feature Pack 1?
The answer to this question is yes, RITE Gift is fully compatible with all versions of RMS 1.3 and 2.0.

One important thing to know though, is that as of RMS 2.0 Feature Pack 1 (2.0.0150) a bug was introduced into the RMS Tender Window that prevents a user from clicking in the Tender Window Grid to edit pricing after the tender processed was canceled.  An example is called for here to better explain:

If a customer comes in to use a Gift Card, you run the transaction as normal.  The transaction total is $10.00, but when you go to swipe the card the it only has $5.00 on it.  In order to prevent the transaction from continuing, we need to stop the Tender Process, and go back to the Tender Window and ask the cashier how the customer wishes to pay for the remaining $5.00.

This is where the FP1 bug was introduced.  When this happens, it seems as though the Tender Window locks up.  As a work-around you can cancel out of the Tender Window and press F12 again to start the tender process and it will work.

As a permanent solution, if you update your RMS System to RMS 2.0 Service Pack 4, with hotfix #23 (2.0.0158), this problem has been resolved.  No updates to RITE Gift are required.
Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

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