RITE Support Service Details

RITE Premium Support Time can be used for a variety of purposes – it can be used for on-site or remote (over the internet with our remote connection tools, requires a high-speed internet connection) troubleshooting, training, consultation, doing work you don’t want to do, and some small customization.  Premium Support Time comes in two varieties, non-critical and critical/emergency (can be any time 24 hours a day, seven days a week).  Read the RITE Support Agreement below for details on how we bill for different support circumstances.

RITE Support Agreement

RITE charges for support on the basis of time and sells support packages in hours. If you require special types of support the minutes of your support plan will be consumed at different rates. These rates are outlined below.


Premium Support Time qualifies as non-critical if all of the following conditions are met:

  • Service is received during our standard business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM CDT to 5:30 PM CDT)
  • If onsite support is required it can be scheduled out two (or more) business days.  (Additional lead time required for travel)

Premium Support Time qualifies as critical/emergency if any of the following are met:

  • Service is required outside of our standard business hours (see above)
  • On-site support is required within two business days
  • Support where the customer identifies a problem as an emergency and needs help right now.


Non-critical phone, email, remote control (to take control of your PC remotely), and non-critical onsite support is consumed on a 1 to 1 ratio.

Non-critical onsite support travel time is consumed at a rate of 1.25 minutes per mile round trip. These miles are calculated using Google maps, to your location from our office (located at 1001 2nd Street S. SUITE 100, Sartell MN 56377).

Critical support is consumed at a 1.5 to 1 ratio. An example would be if you needed a support agent on-site and they spent 60 minutes, it would consume 90 minutes of your support plan.

Lender equipment – If equipment needs to be borrowed from RITE to the client for temporary use there will be a shipping charge and a rental fee. If your equipment was purchased and installed by RITE you are eligible to be on our RITE Product Replacement Program.


  • Purchases of hourly support incidents expire three years from the date of purchase.  Support packages are non-refundable.
  • All support time is billed in 15-minute increments (rounded up).  An example would be – 1 hour and 24 minutes of work would be rounded to 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • We document support incidents to communicate to whoever is the support contact at a customer what occurred, who we talked to, what we did, and when it occurred.  The time taken to make these notes is added to time spent with the client.  Our notation practices are basic and brief.  If a higher level of detail is required let us know – the added time to take additional notation will be billable.
  • The support hours cannot be transferred to any other business.
  • If your support purchase runs out you will have the 48 hours to renew into another package – the negative amount of consumed time will be subtracted from your new package.  If you do not renew you will be billed at our current hourly rate. The spirit of our support package pricing is that we are able to charge lower rates when we receive payment up front – our business model relies on this and if it is not done we must charge this premium.
  • In order to take advantage of emergency support services, you must have an active support package with us.
  • If an item is under warranty and there is an issue you have the option to contact the manufacturer directly to have the unit fixed or we can handle the issue. If we do so you will be charged for this time. Any applicable charges such as shipping to manufacturer shipping of emergency equipment to you, etc will be billed to you after the incident.
  • We are not responsible for any credit card misconfiguration issues. It is your responsibility to test our configuration to ensure it is properly processing with your credit card company. We will not be held responsible for any issues resulting from this setup.
  • You give permission to RITE to set up a RITE cashier/users with administrative access to your system so that any RITE agent will have enough access to effectively solve any issue that may arise.
  • Software development / coding is charged at a different rate – support package time cannot be used for this purpose.  Software development includes but is not limited to Complied Applications (.Net, Scripts, etc.), or advanced scripting / reporting (custom reports, receipts, HTML development, SQL statements, batch file creation, etc.) as determined by the support tech, or similar activities.
  • At RITE’s discretion, if other invoices are past due, banked / accumulated service balances can be withheld until all outstanding invoices are paid.
  • RITE will allow any person calling from your business requiring assistance to work with us for any reason (with the exception of obtaining securing information). By signing this agreement you are giving us permission to do so. If this is not OK and you only want specific users to be able to receive our assistance and/or work only on specific task, please make this request to us in writing and list the users that you do want to be allowed along with the list of tasks that are acceptable.

Special Terms Related to Silver and Gold Support Packages

  • If you have a dedicated RITE point of contact via one of these packages, the max number of hours per week you can require that contact person is 32 hours for gold and 16 for silver.  Additional time may be spent by that individual but this is the maximum expectation.
  • Any fixed cost work that is billed at a flat rate will continue to be billed at that rate (ie: Custom Development, hardware install, payment terminal install, etc).  Silver or Gold hours cannot be used in exchange for this work.
  • Fixed cost work is standardized and therefore will continue to be delegated to the RITE team.  With a Silver package, you may choose for your dedicated tech to continue to be the key point of contact (they will oversee the person doing the actual work).  If you have a Gold package you can override this policy and may request that the key point of contact do the work themselves.  This work would count toward weekly hourly limits.