Update to Card Defender software 2-27-2020

RITE has completed an update to the Card Defender software that customers will need to apply over the next few weeks.  This update includes:
  •  The ability for RITE to monitor the software version customers are using.  This is important for our ability to ensure all customers are using up to date processing software.  This is a required mandate by the credit card processors (Visa / Mastercard) to be PCI / security compliant.
  • Many miscellaneous bug fixes, stability improvements, and workflow improvements.  A few notable examples:
    1. The new version of the software will improve the speed of transactions for many users (somewhat dependant on the payment processor you are using)
    2. If a payment fails mid-flight the auto-correction mechanism is faster and easier for cashiers to understand.
    3. If the POS cannot connect to the payment terminal the user is presented with easy to follow instructions that allow users to self correct the problem in many cases.
    4. If the POS cannot connect to the internet the user is presented with easy to follow instructions that allow users to self correct the problem in many cases.
    5. Improved workflow for transactions involving more than one credit card.
    6. EBT balance check error when there is zero dollars left on the card
    7. Ability to do a balance check on Cash Benefit EBT cards
  Click here for access to the page where you can download the new version and view installation instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will I need to be trained on how to use the new version of the software? A:  No.  If you are comfortable with Card Defender now the changes are subtle and self-explanatory.   Q:  What if I have more than one POS station, do I need to upgrade them all? A:  Yes.  Download the file and install it on all POS stations.   Q:  Can I do the update during business hours? A:  We strongly recommend that you apply the update before you open the store for the day.  Once the update is applied run a test transaction for 1 penny to ensure everything is operating as expected.  There shouldn’t be any issues but should something arise you can reach out to our support team at [email protected] if it is an emergency, call us, 320-230-2282 and choose the emergency option. Execute the update on a single POS first, test, then apply to other POS stations.